Intentional God

The saying where God guides He provides is so true and having experienced and experiencing it first hand has just blown my mind. I am overwhelmed by my Heavenly Father and how He has meet my needs above and beyond what I thought and to think this is just the beginning is so exciting.
When we walk in obedience instead of sacrifice no matter the cost it comes with great everlasting rewards.
In this season of waiting sometimes it can get so lonely that I end up looking around me and see what is going on in other peoples lives and I feel like I have been left out or left behind from which I have learnt it is sometimes okay to look, for it draws me closer to God and makes me seek Him even more, but I cannot dwell in that place, instead intentionality with my faith is important and remembering the promises God made me and dwelling on Him instead.
God is always intentional with us making his timing perfect in all He does, so I can trust that He intentionally put me in this season at this specific time for a purpose, therefore it’s up to me to find out what He wants to teach me in preparation of what’s to come.


This scripture is one of those promises and I cannot choose what to trust about Gods word and what not to. So when I read this I have to believe that ALL (being the intentional word here) things will work together, and that whatever does not make sense now might make sense later and even though it does not “I count it all joy” for its all part of the journey and Gods plan for me. Who am I to question the Almighty’s plan, and think I can do better? I am alive today because of God’s grace, mercy and loving kindness towards me.


This scripture another promise and question to us all sums its up. God again says He gives us “ALL THINGS”, even His one and only Son, meaning He will never deny us anything, He is always giving we just have to be accepting of what He has given us so far because He promises ALL, so do not ever doubt Him.

Father Thank you for giving us All things even though we do not deserve them but only because of your Grace towards us. Right now I receive all you for me, especially in the season I am in right now. Thank for your intentionality in all you do for us.

Be Blessed Beloveds


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