Hello beloved,


Its been a while since my last post, I pray that you have all been well.

For Abigail and I, God has been faithful and seen us through a big change in our lives, which was moving out of my parents house into our own place without having a stable income, am sure I have not fully realised the magnitude of my obedience but I know in time I will see the fruits. We moved out in complete faith and trust in our Almighty Abba to provide for us all that we will need and more. I can honestly say it has not been easy especially because of the questions and puzzled faces I have received from people, but it has and will be a beautiful, joyful experience, full of an upgrade of my identity in Christ, and Him revealing Himself in a new way to me. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

post three 2

It still amazes me how the Bible has an answer or word of encouragement for every single situation I face, God always had & has it all thought out and MAJORLY more. post three 4

From both these scriptures I am learning that with every problem, trial and tribulation I face I should be COMPLETELY JOYFUL, because waiting at the end of it is abundance, a blessing, maturity, a new confidence, and a supernatural completeness that only God can give.  Obedience is the only way to go with God, and it is the only way am willing to go no matter the cost.

I am going to persevere, I am going to endure knowing and believing that my Father is with me through it all, and I will do it with so much JOY in my heart because Jesus deserves my ALL nothing less, He is worth it and so much more. He saved me from death and He deserves me life. So as I go through this season whatever my come my way it shall not bring me down, I have already overcome.

It is not me who lives, but Christ who NOW and FOREVER lives in me

Prayer: Lord, Thank you for never giving up on us, for always pursuing us. I am truly grateful for this new season I am in and I want to fully enjoy this season, so I ask for you to take control and have ur way. May your plans come to pass and not mine. I do not want the easy way Lord, I want your way no matter what it looks like. So I ask for Holy Spirit to guide me& direct me. AMEN